Abrasion Resistance

No pronounced image loss, degradation or reduced readability after 7,000 cycles on an abrading wheel. 


Acid Corrosion

No deterioration or image degradation after 24 hours in 3% nitric acid. 



Heat Resistance

Standard Metalphoto readable up to 500°F, Image Intensified Metalphoto readable up to 800°F. Both tested for a 24-hour oven exposure. Inquire for heat resistance up to 1,000°F with Extra High Temperature (XHT) treatment. 


Organic Solvent Resistance

No softening, staining or noticeable fade after 24-hr exposure to: JP-4 fuel, Gasoline, Mineral Spirits, Methyl Ethyl Ketone, Turpentine, Turbine & Jet Fuel, Kerosene, Xylol, Acetone, Toluol, Heptane, Trichlorethylene, MIL-H-5606 Hydraulic Fluid and MIL-L-7808 Jet Engine Oil. 


Salt Spray Corrosion

No deleterious effect after a 720-hr salt spray (fog) test. 2,6 “Very Good” corrosion resistance after 113 days seawater exposure. 


Accelerated Light and Weather Resistance

No pronounced deterioration of legibility after 400-hr carbon arc weatherometer exposure. (Estimated 20+ year outdoor life). 


Accelerated Oxygen Aging

o discoloration or fading after 96-hr/300 psi/ 70°C oxygen bomb aging. 


Fungus Resistance

Visual reading of “0” per ASTM-G21. 


Moisture Resistance

No deterioration after 10 humidity cycles per MIL-STD-202, method 106. 


Stain Resistance

No black fading when plates are exposed to tincture of iodine.


Cleaning Resistance

No deleterious effects when tested with alkaline cleaners (MILC- 87937 or equivalent) for aircraft surfaces. 


Low Temperature Resistance

No deleterious effect or image fade after 1 hour at -50°F. No impairment of legibility upon exposure at -67°F. 


Thermal Shock

No deterioration after 3 cycles between -65°C and 125°C.