Guest Artist at the Perth Autumn Studio Tour

The Silver Shingle’s owner, Tania Marsh, will be a guest artist at the Perth Autumn Studio Tour on Thanksgiving weekend (Saturday through Monday, 10 am to 5 pm).

Tania will be displaying and selling metalphoto works, including tree ornaments, coasters, bookmarks, cards, photo enlargements, and welcoming custom orders. Also available, will be “Quiet Nature” photography prints — natural objects colour photographed on a white background. Prints are limited in size and are available individually or in sets of 3.

Visit the Perth Autumn Studio Tour’s website for more information and to see a list of artists and a map of studio locations.

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Silver Shingle

The Silver Shingle produces unique and durable photo metal products for both industry and the consumer market. We use photosensitive anodized aluminum for high-end signage and labels or for home accessories with a vintage-vibe.