Durable, sustainable, and attractive metal signage.


The Silver Shingle's metalphoto® signage is exactly the material you need, at precisely the moment when you need it.


You need a substrate that stands up to environmental challenges in your industry and we can provide a competitive edge.

The silver halide image is permanently sealed within the anodic layer, making it virtually impervious to harsh conditions (chemicals, heat, abrasion, salt spray, and ultraviolet). Other types of sign materials can quickly fade or decay.

The technology we use has been trusted by various industries for 65 years by an array of commercial, government, and military uses including applications for durable and readable labels, nameplates, and equipment panels.

This unique product met our all-season needs for signage that’s resistant to damage, doesn’t fade in sunlight, and won’t delaminate. It’s been one year since they were installed and they look as good as the day they were installed.
— Metcalfe Geoheritage Park Committee in Almonte, Ontario
A beautiful sign was created by The Silver Shingle to honour donors of the MERA stone labyrinth. Tania Marsh was very responsive and sensitive to the values of MERA members in designing the sign.
— MERA Board (McDonalds Corners/Elphin Recreation and Arts)
The cliffLAND interpretative trail signs are a unique combination of art, history, and nature producing a treasure that is both beautiful and practical.
— Linda Hansen, (former) Township of Lanark Highlands councillor
Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful plaque you made up for the Mississippi Valley Field Naturalists’ bird viewing shelter. I can’t wait to show the girls. Thank you so much! It is truly beautiful.
— Peggy McPhail

There's a sign for every purpose.