We have a true passion for quality.


The Silver Shingle is a small business specializing in custom and stock products using metalphoto®, but we envision a big picture when it comes to customers’ needs.

It all started when…

The business was established in 2014 by owner, Tania Marsh, who was introduced to the metalphoto® technique through connections in the aerospace industry. The metalphoto® technique has been used and is still trusted in the aerospace industry for 65 years due to its durability and array of applications.

With a professional and creative approach, we hold special interests in the following areas:

  • Photography Techniques,

  • Art History and Arts Administration,

  • Museum and Gallery collections / exhibits as well as non-profit organizations,

  • Outdoor Recreation Parks & Tourism,

  • Natural Science, and

  • Education.

Creativity begins and ends at our location in the rolling hills of Lanark Highlands, in beautiful Eastern Ontario, while all custom metal plates are processed in-house at our work site in Ottawa.

Why… Silver. Shingle.

Silver has many definitions, such as something resembling metal in colour or luster, but it can also be any of the silver halides used for photographic purposes.

A shingle, in its informal definition, besides being a roofing material or a bad rash(!), is a small signboard that is hung outside of a business.